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"Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."

-B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga is an ancient practice of re-connection.  Through our lives, we often become disconnected... disconnected from our bodies, from our inner knowing, from the planet.  Now, more than ever, we are seeing the effects of this disconnection in society at large... greed, racism, hate, anger, the trashing of our planet... the list is long.

Many people think yoga is about being flexible... and while that happens gradually through time spent on the mat, the REAL flexibility comes through transforming the way you see the world.  We become more flexible when we are less attached to our programming, our egos need to be "right", and more willing to witness others from a non-judgmental point of view. 

The ability to witness with loving-awareness, both internally and externally, will change your life.

The word YOGA means UNION.  When we SEE and FEEL our connection to self and other, our choices naturally begin to shift. We begin to be more compassionate... both internally and externally.  We begin to notice that every CHOICE we make has an impact on self, other, and the planet.  From that awareness we can begin to make better, more sustainable, more aligned choices.  When we live from a place of connection, we care about how we feel and we naturally begin to shift away from things that don't serve us, and towards things that help us feel more grounded, loving, and whole.  When we live from a place of connection, we care about equality, social justice, and ALL beings having their basic needs met.  This is yoga in action.

The physical practice of yoga is just one small limb of the tree that is YOGA.

If you are looking for re-connection, I invite you to step onto this path of awareness. 



I have been exploring and learning about the body since 2001. In 2004, I graduated from the 230 hour yoga teacher training program at the Asheville Yoga Center under master teacher, Stephanie Keach. After a year in Charleston SC, where I completed my massage therapy license, I returned to the mountains of western NC and opened my first studio in 2006, BE FREE Yoga & Dance in a small mountain town called Bryson City. After two and a half years, my dance-teacher-business-partner relocated, and I opened The BE FREE Center in a new location. During that same time, I met my Shamanic Breathwork teacher, Linda Star Wolf and began the deepening journey of learning how to access my breath at a deeper level to release my trauma.   Both my Massage Therapy education and Breathwork training changed my life dramatically and remain two major influencers in my yoga teaching today.

 In 2012, I received the  heart calling to return to my hometown, Ft. Collins CO, to be near family and find the next incarnation of BE FREE.

In Oct of 2019 we opened The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins! Co-owning this beautiful space has been quite the journey over the last few years.

I am currently finishing a 300hr online YTT which I have been taking with my teacher Susanna Barkataki. This training is focused especially on Social Justice work through the lens of yoga. 


 I now lead the Root To Rise 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification program, and  Breathe:The Be Free Breathwork(TM) Healing Journey and Facilitator Certification, at The Be Free Healing Center here in Ft Collins CO.​​

I like to describe my yoga asana style as "deep breath slow flow".  I  honor the roots of this ancient lineage, and recognize the duty that all western yoga teachers have to teach and convey that YOGA is far more than a physical movement practice, it is a way of BEING in harmony, inside and out. I feel most passionately about creating a space where students can connect deeply with their breath and, through that connection, realign their bodies, minds, and hearts.  

I hope you'll join me for this precious journey into self . 



Weekly Classes At The Be Free Healing Center

Monday 9am



ALL LEVELS - This class is designed to offer you a quality Monday morning reset! Breathwork (pranayama), gentle awakening and aligning of the body through movement and breath, some deep stretch, a quality savasana (rest), and a few minutes of seated meditation will bring you right to center! Please join us!



Wednesdays 5:30pm



ALL-LEVELS - This hour-long class will give you some quality awakening through pranayama, 20minutes of strength building HIIT style movements, 20 minutes of slow and deeper hip and shoulder opening, and finishing with a quality savasana. Mid-Day Reset!!


I offer private yoga sessions at BFHC or my home space (depending on time of day) for all body types and abilities.  Whether you're dealing with an injury/special concern, or just want a session tailored to YOU,

I'd love to share my yoga knowledge and love with you!

$60 an hour in Ft Collins CO.

Call/text 970-286-4447 

or set up your appointment through the link below!


My next 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will begin Jan 2024.
Click the link below for all the details! 


Check out my podcast! I've had the opportunity to interview many awesome yoga teachers.
Click the icon below for the full library! 

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